• 01.
    Product Driven

    A product specific presence accelerates your time to market.

  • 02.
    Multiple Platform

    Deploy easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

  • 03.
    Targeted Markets

    Reaching a targeted audience strengthens your response rate.

  • 04.
    Public Relations

    Culture a higher customer comfort level with a real, live operator.

  • 05.

    Providing a fun and energetic buying experience increases sales.

  • 06.

    Supporting multiple platforms offers wide ranging payment methods.

  • 07.

    Delivering your product in a timely, secure manner.

  • 08.
    Analytic Engine

    Tracking sales results, providing a crisp, easy to understand picture.

Professional Services

Realizing that our products are strengthened through leading edge business services, we've developed a unique, well rounded commerce solution that works. Our service offerings provide you expertise in the industry we know best, commerce. We're able to promote and advertise your products, provide customer service, warehousing and fulfillment, and even merchant services. All our business services have been designed to extend the capabilities of our products and to provide you real world value.

Providing industry expertise, which can only be gained through years of online selling experience, our professional services group is able to design a service package that's right for your needs. Allow us to discuss your requirements, and we'll develop a package that's specific to you.

Think of the advantages that can be gained through knowing that things are being done right. By taking advantage of our professional services, you'll know that you'll be well informed of the legal requirements surrounding an online store front. Let us do the leg work so you can rest easy at night.

Our service packages are designed to the specific needs of each and every client, allowing them to achieve a presence that fits their company. After all, an online presence is an extension of your traditional storefront, and as such, it should reflect your business.

We're focused on your success, so you do what you do best, focus on your business.

Higher level of quality and satisfaction

Our service out-performs even the largest companies.

Organizations are often hard pressed for resources, regardless if such is man power, education, planning, or time. By outsourcing the responsibility for the tedious, redundant tasks surrounding Internet markets, our clients are better able to focus on the critical parts of their businesses.

Through years of online selling experience, we've learned what works, and we provide that know how through our service offerings, increasing your quality of service at the same time. Realizing your need to focus on the aspects of your business where it makes most sense, we're able to provide a level of quality that can only be achieved by the largest companies.

Choosing the right package

No two products are the same, and we recognize the need to tailor our products and services to each products uniqueness.

All WaveCentric solutions are designed to be modular in nature, such that our clients can choose what's right for them. Through speaking to a representative, we're able to select and guide you to the specific products and services that best meet your requirements. We strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients, and only through human interaction can we achieve this goal.

Choice through customization is an important concept not normally available through other commerce providers. WaveCentric prides itself in that we have the resources to customize every aspect of our product and marketing services. We can provide a superior solution that best fits your product, your ideas, and your company.