• 01.
    Product Driven

    A product specific presence accelerates your time to market.

  • 02.
    Multiple Platform

    Deploy easily on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

  • 03.
    Targeted Markets

    Reaching a targeted audience strengthens your response rate.

  • 04.
    Public Relations

    Culture a higher customer comfort level with a real, live operator.

  • 05.

    Providing a fun and energetic buying experience increases sales.

  • 06.

    Supporting multiple platforms offers wide ranging payment methods.

  • 07.

    Delivering your product in a timely, secure manner.

  • 08.
    Analytic Engine

    Tracking sales results, providing a crisp, easy to understand picture.


Recognizing the need for experienced software developers, WaveCentric provides access to its development resources. Regardless of whether you need our products tailored to your specifications or our expertise for your existing point of sale or other project, WaveCentric has the resources you need to make your project successful, whether on-site or through our facilities.

With nearly thirty years of professional development experience, our staff knows how to put your application together in an efficient and cost-sensitive manner. WaveCentric specializes in Microsoft technologies and is experienced with Unix and Linux at the enterprise level.

Our expertise extends beyond desktop and web applications to include mobile and tablet development methodologies. Experienced with both large and small development teams, you can rest assured that we'll be conscious of process and will work in a collaborative manner. Speak to one of our representatives and we'll help you determine which services will most benefit your company.

Microsoft Technologies.

Our development staff is familiar with all Microsoft technologies, including C#, VB.Net, C++, and C. Technologies such as WinForms, ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC, WPF and WCF are utilized by our team on a daily basis. We're fully experienced with Microsoft SQL Server, Share Point, and other Microsoft products. With our level of experience, we can readily develop enterprise level applications.

Commerce is our strong point

Regardless of development experience, what’s important is industry know-how, and when it comes to commerce, we've got it. Having developed numerous commerce applications for a wide range of companies that includes everything from banks to resorts, we've learned through experience the best way to handle a transaction.

Regardless of whether the transaction is web based or locally generated, companies today are faced with many challenges when processing credit cards. Our developers have worked with PCI and SOX compliance and are able to navigate the maze of regulations. Leverage our experience and we'll make certain that you meet all bank card industry regulations.

Speak to a representative

'Product driven' is the emphasis of the channel server. Being centered on your product instead of an online catalog, the channel server is best able to focus on selling your products by leveraging impulse buying habits. Let WaveCentric show you a focused sales approach that simply works.